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W2PPAYG by RedTie

RedTie's Web to Print PAYG model allows you to only pay for what you use, with not start-up costs, no monthly fee and no contract. It's is designed to allow small businesses, designers and publishing technologists to create web sites for the purchase of print ready materials, whether they be marketing materials, promotional materials and/or stock items.

We have successfully helped printers automate Web to Print sales in the education, real estate, corporate industries as well as many others.

Why choose RedTie

Over the years we have built up integrations with some of the most popular payment merchants (Paypal, Authorize and more) and also offer the ability to integrate with FedEx and UPS so that the shipping charges passed on to the user are always correct.

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RedTie offers a flexible reporting tool that allows you to extract the contact details of your most profitable users, or just the ones that haven't ordered in a while, allowing you to contact them with a reminder or alternatively offer them a discount code for their next order.

We believe that Web to Print should not create more work in processing orders but instead allow for a more automated workflow. You can set our system up so that once a user has placed an order you will receive an email containing;

  1. 1. All of the order information
  2. 2. The user's delivery / billing details
  3. 3. A download link for a print ready PDF
  4. 4. A job sheet
  5. 5. Links to mark the order as sent to print, printed and dispatched (which can be set to trigger an email to let the user know that their order is on the way).

Who is RedTie?

RedTie traces its history to the software division of a print company and started work on its Web to Print platform over a dozen years ago. Originally a brick and mortar business, we created our software for easy access through the web to allow the creation of template driven products, such as brochures, business cards and photo gifts.

We understand that software is a tool that needs to be easy to use both by the designers as well as the end users. And to this point, we are always adding new features that are based on our customers' suggestions.

We don't stop at offering software. We put a lot of effort into growing our customers' online revenues, too! We offer free online training and support and our account managers are always ready to work with you on business development.

Our new Pay As You Go model will start you on your way to success!

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