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Frequently Asked Questions

W2PPAYG stands for Web to Print Pay As You Go. Simlar to the pay as you go cell phone plans, W2PPAYG is RedTie's pay as you go plan that allows you to have access to a fully featured Web to Print solution by pre purchasing credits to be used to take orders and produce print ready PDFs through your own Web to Print portal.

Simply head to our sign up page, fill in the online form, confirm your email address and then make your first credits purchase.

As soon as a member of our team has checked that we have everything we need you will be sent log in information and instructions on how to get started.

Once you have made your first credit purchase you will receive your log in details from us within 48 hours. At this point your system is ready to use.

You need to log in to the back end of your store at least once every 90 days to keep your credit balance. After this time any unused credit expires and the system is suspended. You can reinstate your system by making a credit purchase. 30 days after being suspended the system will be deleted, including all settings and assets, and your system will no longer be available.

You can always find your current credit balance by logging in to the administration tools. You also have the opportunity to set a level of credits below which you would like an automated low credit level warning email to be sent.

The system automatically enters suspension if your credit balance is 0 or below and you will be emailed at this point. Suspended systems will no longer be available to you or your customers apart from limited features for you to add more credit. Systems are suspended for 30 days before being deleted, during those 30 days you can log in and top up your account to reinstate your site.

Support is free and is provided through our online support portal. A link will be provided in your welcome email and is also available directly through the admin part of the software.

Online training is also free through our dedicated online training academy. You will also be provided with details of this in your welcome email and there is a direct link in the admin part of the software. We do provide a number of paid for training options in person or by webinar, please contact us for details based on what you need.

We have provided a breakdown of the standard charges here. We do have some apps and features that incur additional charges but these are all explained in the relevant lesson in the online academy and when you turn on a charged for feature. In addition we offer a number of paid for services such as live training, product and site builds and custom development that are billed to you directly outside of the software. We will always provide prices for these additional services for you to agree to in advance.

You can deactivate your web store in the administration part of the system. If you no longer want to use the system you can either wait for it to go through the automated suspension and deletion procedure or put in a request for it to be manually deleted through our online support portal.

If your question is not answered above then get in touch and we will be happy to help.